Friday, January 25, 2013

This should be on your RADAR

Winnipeggers, mark your calendar for February 22nd. That's when Calvin Love brings his latest record, New Radar, to town and plays the revitalized and Sam Smith-ified Windsor Hotel. And yes, this is the first post in hella-long. My apologies. I've been plugging away at Reductive Reviews where I can bang out posts at a steady & quick clip, but finding some time to write longer, more considered pieces has eluded me what with the raising of children and operating of radio. That said, I will be making an attempt to post about albums here and singles there with a little less meat on the bone here at ETTS than in the past so that I can strike a balance and keep this concern going. I'm leading off my radio show (Thank God It's Free Range) tonight with "Treasure Hunters" from Love's record and while it's my favourite track, there are enough quality tracks on New Radar that it's not head-and-shoulders above the rest, just a couple inches. That's all I've got to say for now as I've got some more stuff to prep for radio, but thanks for coming back to ETTS and excusing me my hiatus. It's over.