Wednesday, April 2, 2008

K is also for Klima

For those of you who live in Winnipeg, here's a sneak-preview of one of my reviews for the April/May issue of Stylus. And for those of you who can't pick an issue up at Music Trader (or other fine locations in the 'Peg) and also can't afford the subscription price well this'll be a chance to read what I write for the magazine. Herewith, a review of the Klima record on Peacefrog Records (home of Jose Gonzalez, The Innocence Mission and more).

If you've seen the Hugo Boss Femme "Underneath It All" commercial, then you've heard the lead-off track from this self-titled album from Klima. You'd likely remember it for the spooky, atmospheric keyboard lines and a breathy and peculiar vocal delivery from Angele David-Guillou (who for all intents and purposes is Klima – she employs a trio to perform live with her, and used a small roster of artists for the recording of the album). The peculiar delivery is due in part to the fact that David-Guillou is a transplanted Parisian, singing in halting English.

For the orchestration – mixing electronic sounds and subtle percussion with sweeping synths and guitars – David-Guillou was assisted by Piano Magic's Jerome Tcherneyan, whom she has collaborated with in the past. The pair has a natural chemistry and Tcherneyan has an innate understanding of what sounds augment Angele's voice. Consider "You Make Me Laugh" with a quiet but martial snare drum propelling the song while a litany of bells and glockenspiels dance all around David-Guillou's "dum-da-dah-dum" chorus – it sounds strange, but also perfect. Later the bells reappear on "Her Love Is Happy," this time ringing out a tune that wouldn't be out of place in a haunted circus big-top.

The album is replete with moments like those on "You Make Me Laugh" and "Her Love Is Happy," which ultimately make it one of the most original pieces of music I've heard in quite
some time. David-Guillou's songs of ennui and mystery leave me happily puzzled.

Be sure to check out Klima's Myspace page.

Thanks for reading, now start listening...

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