Monday, January 28, 2008

C is for Clutchy...

Clutchy Hopkins that is.

And if you're asking who the fuck Clutchy Hopkins is, you're not alone. He seems to have come out of nowhere and there are more fully-formed questions about him than half-baked answers.

While there may be questions about whether Clutchy Hopkins is actually a mystic living in the Mojave desert who fought as a rebel in Nigeria (and that's just the tip of the rumour iceberg), there is no question that the music being released under the "Clutchy Hopkins" moniker is fan-fucking-tastic.

From the rare-groove selections on Sleepers Never Dig and Diggers Never Sleep, to the beat-tastic compositions on The Life of Clutchy Hopkins and People's Market (credited to Clutchy and the Misled Children), his collaboration with MF Doom to the material on a full-length due out February 5/08 on Ubiquity Records called Walking Backwards (featuring guest appearances by Darondo and Shawn Lee!) the marketing-ploy-mystery about the creator is nowhere near as exciting as the creations.

Check out this great video for "3:02" that someone matched up with Steamboat Willie :

And then check out Clutchy Hopkins' official website.

Thanks for reading, now start listening...

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Jenny said...

I know who Clutchy is! That's due to Mama Cutsworth, natch.