Thursday, January 24, 2008

A is for Arrows...

Despite Arrows having a lot of things going for them, I haven't heard too many people talking about this great band and their album Knives Are Falling From The Sky (released independently late in 2007), which is a shame because it absolutely slays.

Apart from the quality of the album, Arrows are also (a) from Guelph, one of the Canadian indie-scene's gems [Three Gut Records!, Royal City, Jim Guthrie, etc.], (b) a husband and wife duo, (c) a guitar and drums combo, and (d) they've never pretended to be something other than B & C.

Arrows received a favourable review from Exclaim!, but there has been little other press about them so far, but I'm hoping it's simply a case of the album being released late in the year and now that the holiday-haze has evaporated we'll begin to hear more about them.

Delusions of Adequacy compared the band to Aereogramme's heavier moments and I think "Atoms Remind Us" demonstrates that comparison well, though my personal favourite from the album is "Caged Warning."

Check Arrows out at

Arrows' website

Arrows' Myspace

Thanks for reading - now start listening...

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